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Social Media Audit | Wendy's 

In my Digital Marketing class, I was recently tasked with completing a social media audit as a group project. My group chose to audit Wendy's. We were asked to analyze each social media platform, then document our findings and what we had learned in a report. This project taught me how important being competitively active on social media is for a company, and allowed me to gain real-world experience in auditing the social media for a brand. 

I learned a lot from this project, ranging from expanding my experience working on a long-term project in a group, to gaining insights regarding what goes into auditing a company's social media. Working in the same group over the course of an entire semester truly mimicked the professional environment of working in a team. I also gained experience using Xtensio's Persona Creator tool to create buyer personas personalized to Wendy's. 

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