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Luxury Brand Extension Analysis | Nautor's Swan


For my Luxury Marketing class, we were assigned to complete case studies on multiple different brands throughout the course. Each case presented some background on the brand, proposed a problem, and we were tasked with finding a solution to this problem. One of my most memorable cases was for Nautor’s Swan, which is a luxury yacht company. This was one of the first times I had worked on a case for a luxury brand, and it required a different way of thinking. We came up with two solutions for the problem. One proposed solution being a brand extension by way of a luxury clothing line made for boating. The other solution was to offer a partnership with BMW. After doing a bit of research, I discovered that Nautor’s Swan and BMW had a pre-existing relationship, and thought it could be beneficial to enhance this relationship by offering exclusive products to Nautor’s Club Swan members. After much analysis and application of theories to the two concepts, we ultimately decided to go with the partnership with BMW as our solution. 


Through this project I had a new experience with branding than ever before. This was really the first time I had the opportunity to think outside of the box regarding a luxury brand, and it was completely different than non-luxury. The extra work, however, was extremely rewarding. This project began my immense interest in marketing in the luxury world. Our project was one of three chosen to be presented to our colleagues, and we received the bonus point reward for having the best case of the class.

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