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Luxury Experience Pitch | Hôtel de Paris 


In my Luxury Marketing class, our final project was to create an outside-of-the-box luxury brand extension, partnership, or experience. My group and I decided to focus on the luxury experience angle, and came up with an immersive experience centered around Formula 1 and taking place at the Hôtel de Paris in Monaco. Our idea was to partner with Ferrari and the Hôtel de Paris to create an exciting experience that those frequenting the Monaco Grand Prix would enjoy. The assignment included us designing each and every aspect of the experience, as well as proving our reasoning through the use of theories learned within the class, culminating in a final presentation as well as a more in-depth report. This project gave me a lot of insight regarding luxury brands and how they function, as well as the differences in marketing techniques used for luxury and non-luxury brands. 


I learned an immense amount from this project. This was the first time I had worked within a team comprised of completely international colleagues, which was both a challenging and rewarding experience. Learning to communicate well with non-native english speakers is an invaluable skill that I know will help me later in my career, and having the opportunity to gain insight from colleagues of different backgrounds was very educational. The project also gave me an in depth knowledge of Luxury Marketing theories, including the application of the Anti-Laws of Luxury, Luxury as a Social Signifier, and the Democratization of Luxury. Our final project received the designation as the best project our professor had seen in his 11 years of teaching the class, and he later went on to send the project to a consultant working with the marketing team at Ferrari. 

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